Surgiwear G-Bone Synthetic Hydroxyapatite Granules – Bone Graft

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Bone Graft  

G-Bone modified hydroxyapatite granules and blocks are made of Calcium Hydroxyapatite in highly crystalline form. The body absorbs it slowly. It is delivered from Bovine bone which has been sintered at a very high temperature of 500C. This leaves only pure inorganic structure. It does not carry risk of transmission of any disease because no organic matter survives such high temperature. It is available in form of granules and blocks.


    G-Bone synthetic granules are of synthetic Calcium Hydroxyapatite in low crystalline form. It is a mixture of HA, TCP and other forms of Calcium such as calcium carbonate and bi calcium phosphate. The body absorbs it fast.


    G-Bone is indicated in:

    • Dental Surgery: Maxillofacial reconstruction surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, and other areas requiring a bone graft.
    • Neurosurgery: Cranioplasty , cavity filling and other kind of non-weight bearing reconstruction.
    • Orthopedic Surgery: Cavity filling, gap filling, osteotomy reconstructions, filling the space developed in bone due to trauma
    • Plastic Surgery


    • Presence of infection weather local or general, prohibits all kind of implantation procedure.


  • 1 cc granules equivalent to 4 x 0.25g
  • After opening the site of implantation, obtain good hemostasis of the area
  • Scrape the walls of the cavity or defect. Harvest some bone and bone marrow from the same site by scraping and shallow drilling in the cavity
  • Incorporation of patients own bone and bone marrow provides BMP’s for bone healing and improves results.
  • Larger cavity size needs larger percentage of patients own bone.
  • Fill gap with G-graft blocks or granules.
  • Cover the gap with soft tissue.
  • Gelatin foam sponge may be used to cover the granules and to prevent spilling of granules.


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